Crude Oil Trading Opportunity

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Become a funded crude oil trader

Traders work from their home or office oil trading online.
We provide in depth training and intensive ongoing mentoring.
Little training capital required.

 Trade Crude Oil Online From Anywhere In The World!


Thank you for you interest in crude oil trading!

Crude Oil Trader Scouts is a virtual oil trading program created to help develop
and grow undiscovered or emerging crude oil futures trader.  

Interested person that would like to make ONLINE Crude Oil Trading a  Career. We provide the only results based approach that will make you  more successful at trading.
You must be open and willing to learn new methods and philosophies, as  well as follow rules. We provide risk mitigation unlike anyone in the  industry. Day Trade Our Money After Training

Our Agency is seeking individuals interested in Day Trading Crude Oil.
- Traders work from their home or office trading.
- We provide in depth training and intensive ongoing mentoring.

New Traders are given access to the firms capital to trade, once training is complete.

Have access to our trading room and learn from other traders worldwide.
Mentor-ship program to provide support and shorten your learning curve for the initial stage.

Day Trading by yourself at home with a live funded trading account after training.
Keep 80% of what you earn.
Flexible work schedule, but would require extra self-discipline, setting waiting for a trade call.

Little capital required from traders, Flexible work schedule. No need to apply for days off or holidays.
The ability to excel in a online trading environment
History of strong personal discipline
Excellent hand-eye coordination
Dedication and determination to succeed
Energy, motivation, enthusiasm & commitment

Qualifications: The successful candidate(s) will have:
A strong interest in the futures market
Excellent decision making
Strong pattern recognition
A willingness to learn

Thank You!
Crude Oil Traders

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Crude Oil Trader Scouts

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